AI Intelligent Laboratory Solution

Adhere to innovation, let AI reconstruct the medical testing scene
Reconstruct the medical testing scene with AI+detection
  • Before detection
    AI is in charge of laboratory management, sample/consumable management, delivery and quality monitoring
  • Under detection
    AI implements detection, assists diagnosis and identifies cell
  • After detection
    Verify and report by AI
Key Technical Platform
Artificial Intelligence
  • AI DeepCell engine:Deep-learning technology deeply integrates intelligent perception and convolutional neural network.

  • AI vision:2D + 3D + AI algorithm combination can intelligently extract image feature and automatically repair image, that’s our original HD optical imaging technology.

  • AI recognition:Breakthrough in algorithm realizes intelligent segmentation and over 90% recognition accuracy of formed elements.
Intelligent Microscopy Platform
  • Realize automatic and intelligent microscopic examination for full specimen in the whole process.
  • Automatic panoramic scanning of slide
  • Visible cells are in high definition under the microscope
  • Integrate AI to make the recognition accuracy of formed elements exceed 90%
Full-automatic Assembly Line
  • Assembly line technology covers the whole scene of medical detection
  • Flexible modules combination & automatic cascade
  • Automatic sample pretreatment technology
  • Full-automatic rail delivery technology
  • Automatic detection and recognition
  • Full-automatic software analysis
IVD Instrument and Reagent R&D Platform
  • Research and development are leaded by doctoral team, showing strong scientific research force.
  • 300+ members in R&D team.
  • Highly integrated algorithm, optics, big data, knowledge map, cloud computing and Internet of things technology
  • Independent innovation and R&D with 500+ intellectual property rights