Automatic Urine Analysis System

All-in-one machine, intelligent & small
  • Automatic all-in-one machine for urine sediment and dry chemistry
  • Exquisite & compact machine with high integration
  • ≥90% recognition accuracy for urine sediment
AI technology makes urine test more easily!
Self-developed deep-learning technology of AI deepcell engine seems to be intelligent hands of examiners, which can avoid the cumbersome detection processes and get results in a few seconds.
One button operation without manual intervention
  • Three test modes are available, Urine Sediment/Urine Chemistry/Integrated Test
  • Patented disposable urine sediment slide supports simultaneous detection of five samples at a time
  • Patented rotary drum-shaped test strip sampling device makes direction free for test strip in chamber.
High resolution imaging makes cells clearly visible.
  • 10X and 40X objective lens:auto-switch, auto-focusing and auto-scan
  • Multi-layers dynamic focus scanning
Compact model with high appearance
  • Small size, light weight and high space utilization
  • Fully saving laboratory space