Vaginal Secretion Analyzer (High throughput)

Creating a new top in gynecological morphology
Open a new chapter of vaginal secretion test
  • Support swab loading & sampling
  • Over 90% cell recognition accuracy
  • Support staining
  • Test speed:90T/H
Cell recognition accuracy≥90%
Based on AI DeepCell engine and deep integration of intelligent perception and convolutional neural network, F2000 constantly breaks through the boundaries of the algorithm, automatically extract image features to realize intelligent segmentation, and accurate recognition, so that the accuracy of formed elements recognition exceeds 90%.
Redefine high definition imaging
  • 10 million pixel high-quality optical imaging
  • Multi-layers dynamic focus scanning, intelligently select optimal image
  • Patented algorithm video trichomonal recognition technology
Perfect pre-processing module
  • Support swab loading & sampling
  • Automatic detection of sample turbidity & dilution of high concentration samples
Staining module is optional
Staining module is optional, which can improve the contrast between formed elements and the background for higher recognition accuracy.
AI deeply integrates the machine to better capture every hidden formed element
  • Intelligence

  • Automation

  • Whole process