Vaginal Secretion Analyzer

Winner of the first man-machine competition for medical examination morphology
  • Cell recognition accuracy is up to 90%;
  • Multi-layers dynamic focus scanning
  • Patent algorithm for tracking and recognizing trichomonas morphology
One button operation during the whole process based on AI technology
Simplify the cumbersome process, realize automatic and intelligent operation without manual intervention in the whole process: support automatic sampling, turbidity detection and intelligent dilution of samples, intelligent HD imaging and recognition of formed elements......
Up to 90% recognition accuracy for formed elements
  • Based on AI DeepCell engine and deep integration of intelligent perception and convolutional neural network, F600 constantly breaks through the boundaries of the algorithm, automatically extract image features to realize intelligent segmentation, and accurate recognition, so that the accuracy of formed elements recognition exceeds 90%.
Patented technology - Trichomonal recognition
  • Patented algorithm video trichomonal recognition technology can take video shooting under high-power len, thus realizing intelligent recognition of trichomonad and significantly improving its detection rate.
High-Definition imaging
  • 10 million pixel high-quality optical imaging
  • Multi-layers dynamic focus scanning, intelligently select optimal image
Low pollution design
  • Integrated chip for microscopy and dry chemistry
  • Accurate quantification without cross contamination
  • No direct manual touch for specimen in the whole process, biological safety is guaranteed
  • Cartridge bin makes loading & continuous sampling easily