Automatic Chromosome Micrograghy Scanning System

Let the truth of chromosome have nowhere to hide
  • Ultra-high speed scanning, ≤ 6min to scan one slide
  • High quality imaging & intelligent image optimization
  • Intelligent & automatic analysis, accuracy ≥ 90%
Breaking the "fast" limit in all dimensions
Scanning speed:100 karyotypes/slide≤6min; Large capacity slide bin with lock; Continuously load 5 slides at a time; Loading 120 slides at every turn; High-precision electric scanning unit with μm-level focusing accuracy to realize fast automatic focusing and imaging with high frame rate
High Definition Imaging
  • Super-large area imaging chip, easy to take complete karyotype images
  • Intelligent image optimization, automatically remove background interference
  • Built-in high resolution camera, auto switching between 10X objective lens and 100X oil lens
Perfect Combination: AI + Automation
  • Support automatic scanning of slide bar code
  • Automatically sampling and add high-quality lens oil
  • Automatic image grading & preposition of high-level images
  • Intelligent screening of high-quality chromosome division image
  • Up to 90% accuracy of automatic counting and chromosome arrangement
  • Automatic completion of counting, contour cutting and arrangement results output