Sperm Quality Analyzer

One button for test, odor-free
High efficiency, High performance, High quality

  • Only one button can complete Physicochemical analysis
  • Automatically complete tests of liquefaction time, viscosity, appearance, pH and volume
  • Closed sampling cup, no odor release
Deep integration of AI and technology
Intelligently judge the sperm agglutination, identify the sperm movement trajectory and provide color trajectory video for auxiliary analysis based on AI DeepCell engine; High quality phase-contrast microscope can automatically switch between 10X and 20X objective lens to capture high-quality sperm images and movement videos; Keep operation in 37℃ constant temperature: liquefaction in 37℃ constant temperature, keep test card stored in 37℃ , 37℃ preheat on the micro imaging platform;
Odor-free, safe and reliable
  • Disposable waste card bag to ensure biological safety
  • Disposable sperm counting card to avoid cross contamination
  • Patented semen sampling cup, adopt medical silicone material
  • Load sampling cup directly without opening cover, ensure odor-free when testing
  • Funnel-shaped structure at the bottom for easy collection of oligospermic sample

One button for sperm analysis
  • Automatically dilute sample
  • One button to complete 7 parameters test of motility and physiology
  • Support simultaneous detection of 10 samples at a time, with high speed of 20T/H
  • Auto calculation which follows WHO and international CASA standards
  • Auto calculation and analysis of sperm concentration, viability level and related CASA parameters