Feces Analysis Workstation

Compact model with high speed
A revolutionary product from manual detection to full intelligence
  • Patented sample cup can support special samples such as mucus and loose stool
  • Staining is optional, which can improve the recognition accuracy of special formed elements
  • Disposable detection chip to eliminate cross contamination
AI deep-learning technology to redefine intelligence
Self-developed AI DeepCell engine which is equipped with a complete database verified by experts of formed element, can do self-learning&training and automatic iteration to ensure accuracy of formed elements recognition exceeds 90%. The core algorithm of intelligent perception and convolution neural network fusion realizes automatic extraction of image features, intelligent segmentation and accurate recognition. Patented turntable card bin device with six channels can support simultaneous loading of microscopic & colloidal gold card bin and automatic bottom recognition.
Redefine high definition imaging
  • 10 million pixel high-quality optical imaging, auto switching of 10X and 40X HD objective lens
  • Multi-layers dynamic focus scanning is to simulate the doctor's manual rotation of the fine focus spiral, and executes multi-layers shooting under high-power field, then intelligently select optimal images.
  • Unique staining function which can greatly improve the recognition rate of eggs, free switching between staining & no staining.
Perfect pre-processing module
  • Patented sample cup: full-sealed, puncture sampling, no odor release, high-performance filter
  • Disposable microfluidic chip: one person one card, not easy to block, no cross contamination
  • Colloidal gold test card: auto sampling, auto incubation, auto recognition, and no direct manual touch with the specimen by inspectors during the whole process
AI deeply integrates the machine to better capture every hidden formed element
  • Intelligence

  • Automation

  • Whole process